Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Birth of Dubplate Dionysus

by Fred
Last year I made my annual pilgrimage to Croatia to visit all my friends there. I went to the coastal town of PrimoŇ°ten on the Dalmatian Coast to visit a good friend. One warm summer night walking the beach (and after a few drinks) we asked each other "what's your lifelong dream". And I said "I want to record, produce and put out my own record" Most of my music over the years was only shared with a small group of friends and family. I never thought it was that good. He had heard my recordings before and he told me "go for it!"

So I was on a mission. I knew I was no young gun,and had to seize the energy. But I also knew I didn't want to do this alone. I wanted to collaborate with others. So I put out some feelers to see if people who would be interested. Originally I was thinking it would be me under the Astrolabe handle featuring... on an EP or record. I got a few interested parties but no one really followed through. The one who was the most excited was my friend Matt Keppel. I got to know him through his electronic music group Microfilm with Matt Mercer when they lived in Chicago. They were kind enough to give me a chance and remix some of their tracks over the years.

Matt sent me some vocal ideas he was working on outside of the Microfilm realm. What started out as a solo outing for me evolved into a music project of its own.. and that was Dubplate Dionysus

Matt and I share a great wealth of music love between us..Blondie, Yaz(oo), New Order, Donna Summer,Pet Shop Boys, Electronic and some of the new house acts like Azari & III and Hercules and Love Affair. We especially have a huge admiration for epic 80s producer and remixer Shep Pettibone

From there, our blueprint was born. To combine something old with something new. To combine the euphoria, and the nostalgia from Chicago, Detroit and the British Summer of Love '89 with a 21st century ethos and aesthetic.

And here we are, with our first single Upcoming Legendary (free download on Soundcloud). A Celebration of the drag ballroom scene of NYC featured in "Paris Is Burning". The glamor, the fashion, the bravery, the undying spirit. And most importantly, that regardless of your circumstance, an "anybody" can be a "somebody"

We will be putting out new original material and remixes in the forthcoming months. Join us for the ride and become Legendary